Monday, February 08, 2010

Happy chinese new year

It took me three attempts to log into this. It really shows the length of time i'm off.
The year has come and gone, but the chinese says, 7th or 8th February is the official Chinese time that the new year has begun. So as it says, whatever you see on the horoscope or your tukang tilik tells you about your luck this year. It should start, emm.. yea right about now. :)

And its the time of the year where people start asking you when are you getting married or when are you having kids. It comes in a package with the angpow, take the monies and be nag for 5 seconds. Hmm.. small matter lah. A few friends was exchanging the what to and not to as most of them are just freshly married. Its rather interesting to see who gives in to what during CNY. It really takes two to come into consent. Believe it or not, CNY traditions can break, sour-ese two person.

This year would be slightly different for me. One week in Penang, four days in Bangkok. The boy thinks it would be good to just getaway. Life is pretty good these days, it felt like there isn't much to rant about. I hope i don't speak too soon tho.

Till then, Happy Chinese New Year!!
Ang Pow Na Lai!!

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