Monday, February 08, 2010

Happy chinese new year

It took me three attempts to log into this. It really shows the length of time i'm off.
The year has come and gone, but the chinese says, 7th or 8th February is the official Chinese time that the new year has begun. So as it says, whatever you see on the horoscope or your tukang tilik tells you about your luck this year. It should start, emm.. yea right about now. :)

And its the time of the year where people start asking you when are you getting married or when are you having kids. It comes in a package with the angpow, take the monies and be nag for 5 seconds. Hmm.. small matter lah. A few friends was exchanging the what to and not to as most of them are just freshly married. Its rather interesting to see who gives in to what during CNY. It really takes two to come into consent. Believe it or not, CNY traditions can break, sour-ese two person.

This year would be slightly different for me. One week in Penang, four days in Bangkok. The boy thinks it would be good to just getaway. Life is pretty good these days, it felt like there isn't much to rant about. I hope i don't speak too soon tho.

Till then, Happy Chinese New Year!!
Ang Pow Na Lai!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Time literally flew passed. Last entry in October, and now its the last month of the year.
Christmas is slowly seeping in.. trees, trims, deco, music.. and presents to get.

While sitting at starbucks, the christmas song were actually soothing and the jolly anticipation of holidays is growing on and on and on. I cannot wait for the long holidays to come. To just sit down, off the phone, laze around, eat and be merry, no work in sight.

So much have change the past few months. Office environment, people in people out, go here and there... Life is full of changes isn't it, uncertainties...
I've learned this year, to love oneself more. Unknowingly, it has become an automated feeling. Good or bad, i don't know. But it helps with taking one step at a time, self protect.

This upcoming project is literally making me crazy. I cannot wait for it to end! Hoping it will all come to a halt this Saturday. Or else, it'll make me crazier. I can't say i hate life as it is, i don't love it either. As it will the time creeping up...

I wish you a blessed CHRISTMAS in advance, before i start dissapearing from the face of the earth. :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It has been a while since the last post. Much have changed, much have moved on. Its scary when you look at your calender, its November already and we're doing themes for Chinese New Year. Its my 3rd Chinese New Year here, and thus far, this is the longest serving company for me. Well, not many to compare either. I foresee more to change... :)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Its still the wee AM now. It would be another sleepless night.
The mind will not rest, it would just not stay still.
It wonders to the far end of every corner, tensed every nerves.
Eating up slowly inside, yearning for answers.
If only theres a lifebook to refer to.
To take it or leave it. To ignore it or accept it.
It sounds as easy, but it never is.

After 24 hours of thoughts, i'm still blank.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

sitting at my all time favourite coffee joint, sipping my all time favourite chai.
Nothing beats this moment. Without any idea on how I ended up my journey here.
A place I somehow take refuge. I really should be somewhere right now.
To do stuff which I have been procrastinating for the longest time now.
So, pardon my weight gain. It will be 'normal' soon enough.
It was tougher waking up in the morning. Intended to just wrap around the blanket
The whole day, of cos to no avail. Flashings of experience kept haunting
My withered soul.
I fight to differ. Fight to erase. Fight to overcome.

Seeing folks happily shopping, wishing one another.
The happiness filled. Not only its a holiday, its a time to be happy and celebrate.
Buying things they like, families together. The love I felt.

I wonder and ponder as I sit here catching up with my mind.
However calming it would usually be, it became stressfully gruesome to even think
Of sorting it out. Sometimes, we don't even know what we want.
One thing I know for sure, I did not regret getting bb.
Its the best thing that ever did come into my life.

You too of course. But you caused me much worries and uncertainties.

Signing out from the coffee joint

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Will being patient pay off at the end of the day?
Or will it just leave us as direction-less as ever.

I sat still on the bed beside the window looking at the vastness of taipei city.
A place i never thought i will step in. And here i am, breathing their air.
The walk nearly killed me, but it was all worth it.
Did stuff that i only saw on the tele. Ate like a wildboar and drank like a camel.
It all did me good, instead of putting on weight, it burned away.
Healthy food, 100% pure drinks. The chinese culture.
It was my first stepping into a 'chinese-asian' community as a whole.
Impressed with the society that puts our fashion sense into shame.
Girls all made and done up wherever they go. Boys are oh so gorgeous.
Of course, not everyone but it was definately an eye washer.

Would definately go back again. Not so soon but will again.

I have come to miss this place. People i travelled with. Without any worries. With my phone off-ed. Papaya Milk. Gorgeous people everywhere. Cheap clothes. Fake eyelashes. :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Its all destined. The previous post i wanted to publish died on me TWICE. Oh well, you suckers out there, take it as a means of saving your asses. :)
In real life, i'm actually not that vulgar. :p

A comment made to me not too long time ago was, i though you were very loud and whiney in real life judging on your facebook. It seems i am LOUD and WHINEY! yeesh.. i prolly am! such disgrace.. muahahah...